I'm based in Denton, TX with my enthralling wife Dallyce and our dog Cosmo.

I'm a 4w5 - any other Enneagramers out there? If not, I highly recommend checking it out for self exploration/development.

I love experiencing new things, having convos with interesting people, and aim to experience all life has to offer.

Something that continuously amazes me is the depth of craft found and appreciated as you expand your sphere of knowledge in an area.

The more you experience and learn, the more you see and appreciate the idosyncrasies of people, places, cultures, craftsmanship, and lifestyles.

In the area and want to share stories? Let's talk it over a craft brew or coffee.

Dev Stuff

I'm a contract frontend developer with a focus on creating performant, ecommerce experiences.

My expertise is in working with ecommerce specifically pushing the limits of advanced Shopify and headless frontend integrations.

My GitHub Profile

Some of My Faves

  • Vue
  • ES6+
  • Postcss
  • Webpack
  • Pug
  • Jest
  • BEM Methodology
  • ITCSS Structure