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Fave Three Books of 2021

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December 29th, 2021

In no order, and not necessarily published in 2021.

ALSO, If you’re not familiar with Goodreads and you like to read, you’ve made a grave mistake.

But don’t worry you can correct it.

Goodreads is pretty amazing. You can track all the books you read, find new books, and get solid reviews from potential books you’re reading.

I almost always scope out potential books on Goodreads before buying. It’s also useful for new book discovery, and the yearly Reading Challenge is a fun way to motivate yourself to read more and track your progress.

On Goodreads? Add me as a friendly friend.

Project Hail Mary

![Project Hail Mary book cover](// =320x)

Fun and entertaining and goes deep into scientific explanations. I listened to this on Audible and thoroughly enjoyed the voice acting. I imagine it’s part of why I liked this book so much.

(Also, I haven’t read The Martian, but apparently they’re very similar vibes.)



Borne book cover

Buckle up for this one - blowing of mind is highly probable.

Post-apocalyptic biotech madness. Complex, imaginative, and beautifully disturbing.

I literally had nightmares while reading this book - strange nightmares, not necessarily bad, but disturbing.


Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures

Entangled Life book cover

If you’re even slightly interested in fungi, or just want to expand your knowledge into a fascinating world all around us, this is your book.

Even better if you don't normally read informative books.


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