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July 6th, 2020

Monthly Projects Round Two

I really enjoy the push that having a personal-set goal with a deadline gives me.

That rush to make it to the finish line. I like being wrecked the night before after an all nighter of working on something I care about. Give me more of that. Make me feel alive.

Last year I attempted to create a product each month - the idea was 12 products in 12 months. That didn’t work out, but I stuck with it for three months.

And now once again I’m feeling that drive to create with intention, and what better way than to set a goal for myself to give that extra push.

This time however, instead of just products I want to extrapolate the idea into any type of projects - whatever that may mean to me - with the only criteria being that I'm pumped up about it and feel like pushing for it over the course of a month.

It may be a new MVP product idea, or learning something in completely different new, I’m going to ultra focus (as much as is possible for me) on one main area each month with a set goal.

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July - Podsites

Oh yeah, you better believe it - we (me and myself) are kicking off the first month with a project that I’ve been off and on working on during the global lockdown. You can see the full write up on Podsites here (when I write it). Expect to see this bad boy launched by the end of the month.






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